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A work item is an instance of an automated process in HEFLO. It’s available on the Workspace page, which maintains a list of tasks under the responsibility of the logged on user.

To access the Workspace page simply use the side menu as shown below:

See more about Workspace and access profiles in: Task and work item lists.

Current task form

To access the work item dialog box, simply double-click on the item list on the Workspace page.

Whenever you access this dialog box you’ll see the form in the center for the current step.

Each field is filled and configured uniquely, learn more in this article: Creating forms.

You can edit the subject at the top by clicking on the pencil icon, which appears whenever you position the cursor over the text.

Make the necessary change in the text and then click the confirm icon, which appears to the right of the edit control.


As the process is executed, several collapsible menu options are accumulated, which are groupings referring to each form of the task. In this way, it’s possible to recover all forms and data which have already been executed per task. Here’s an example:


To view an overview of all the fields already filled in, view the + info link in the dialog title. To close this panel just click on the X icon as shown below.

All previously entered values are preserved, even if they’re changed in the + info panel.

After completing the current task it’s necessary to advance in the process, and to do this simply click on the ‘Next’ button located on the Sidebar. See:

For activities that have a Gateway configured as non-automatic then there are deviation options such as checks for your choice. Also see: Tutorial: How to perform automatic deviations



To save changes click on the cloud icon located at the top right of the dialog. To prevent the loss of modifications, there’s also an auto-save, which occurs every 30 seconds.

The close dialog button, also located in the upper right corner, saves pending modifications. If you want to explicitly discard these changes, then click the 3-point icon and then choose to update data, then discard pending modifications. But remember! Auto-save takes place every 30 seconds!

Attach files

All files attached to the item are in the “Files” tab. See more details: Attach files to work items.


In the “Conversations” tab you can maintain communication with all users involved in the execution of the work item.

Comments are saved automatically as soon as you send them. It’s also possible to mention another person, who will receive a notice through browser or email notification.


In addition, all emails sent by the process are registered in this tab, so you can easily trace all conversations referring to the item.

See more details in: Comments on work items.

Change the person in charge

You can change the person responsible for the work item, if you have permission, by clicking on “Change” below the name of the work item, selecting the new person in the “Select the new person responsible” window and clicking “Select”.

Depending on how you model your process it’s possible that there are several related items. If the process, for example, invokes another process for a message-sending event, then the other instance will be available in the Sidebar menu, located to the right.


Some situations that will generate additional and related work items:

  • Gateways that generate parallelism, such as parallel and inclusive.
  • Launch tasks and events configured with the Process Message Connector (inter-process integration).
  • Multiple sub-processes.

Cancel work items

To cancel an item, click “Cancel” at the bottom right. In the window that then opens fill in the reason and click “Confirm”.


The cancellation operation is dependent on the configuration of the process. If it’s blocked for users, then only the owner of the process or a user with the administrator profile can perform this cancellation.


Accessing Process Documentation

If you have any questions about how to perform a task, simply access the complete process documentation available on the 3-dot button for each task. See the figure below:

You can add comments and feedback to the process activities for your work item. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the name of the desired activity and then on “Documentation”.

You will be directed to the process documentation page, where you can view details and send improvement suggestions.

Your comment will be recorded for the activity selected and the person responsible for maintaining the process will be able to see your suggestions within the process editor.

See more in: How to send feedback through the Portal.

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