Viewing comments and emails

HEFLO enables all conversations related to a work item to be kept with the item itself to facilitate future traceability.

Adding comments

To add a comment click on the work item’s “Conversations” tab and enter the message.


After entering the comment click on the “Send Message” icon to save it.


You can mention the contributor(s) in the comment by typing “@” or by clicking “Click here to add active content”.


If the comment is not read in 15 minutes, all those mentioned will receive a warning e-mail.


Viewing comments

When you access the work item and there is a new message, a red indicator will appear on the conversation tab with the number of unread messages.

When accessing the work item, the person in charge will see the number of messages in the “Conversations” tab not yet read.


Sending emails

All emails sent by the process are also recorded in the work item’s “Conversations” tab.


Click “Read more …” to view more details of the email sent by the process.


See below for the email received in the recipient’s box:


Also see: How to start processes by email.

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