Data change logs

When you or your users change data in your environment; such as: modifying the content of a field, creating a process or blocking a user’s access… HEFLO will generate a log and store these modifications on your environment management page.

HEFLO gives you the possibility to consult the data change logs in your environment.

  1. Click on the wrench icon at the left side in the main menu and go to the “Manage Environment” section.
  2. Click on: “Data Change Audit”.
  3. Select the dates of the logs you want to see.
  4. Select the user concerned.
  5. Choose the entity concerned. If you don’t choose any entity, then the search will be done on all entities.
  6. Click on “Search” to get the list of logs.
  7. You can browse the set of logs corresponding to your search filters.

To know more about logs:


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