Tutorial: Business process documentation

Documenting the process is essential to help people involved in the process fully understand the different tasks and the process as a whole.

HEFLO allows you to create complete documentation in your diagrams, and this at different levels. Indeed, you can document the process, the pools, the lanes and the different elements.

You have the possibility to format the text with different styles, include tables, insert images, videos and different links.

How to document a process?

To add process-level documentation, go to the “process editor”, click outside the process pool. Then go to “properties”.


In the “documentation” section, double-click in the empty field or simply click on the pencil.


You will get a dialog box that has the name of your process.

You can add and format text as you wish:

Adding documentation can be done at different levels of the process. To choose the level you want, simply select the targeted element and follow the same procedure seen previously.

You can document pools, lanes and various BPMN elements.

In addition to adding text, you can also create tables:


You can also insert images:



You can also add links for videos:

You can also insert links:

Then click “confirm” when you are done documenting your process, pool, lane or element.

Here you can find an overview of the documentation associated with the level of the process you are on:

In addition to this type of documentation, you have the possibility of associating attachments at different levels of the process. To learn more about how to add attachments: Attaching files to BPMN diagrams.

Where to find the documentation?

Documentation of the process and the various elements will be available after publishing your process documentation in the process portal, to learn more about about  process publication on the portal: How to publish a business process on the Portal

The process portal provides access to a list of published processes, the amount of processes available depends on the role of the logged in user.

To learn more about user roles: Roles on HEFLO.

In this list you can see an overview of the process-level documentation:


All the information will also be visible in the published process documentation:


You will also find documentation for each level of the process:


The process portal allows your users to download complete process documentation. You have the option to restrict this functionality. To find out more about configuring user roles: Roles on HEFLO.

To download it, click on the “download documentation” button.


You then download a PDF file containing all the information and documentation of the process.


HEFLO follows the rules of BPMN 2.0 notation, therefore tasks and other elements are ordered left to right and then top to bottom.


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