How to share a process for edition

You can allow another user to edit your diagram by sharing your environment with the role “Administrator”.

  1. Click on the environment name at the top right side.
  2. Click “Manage environment”.
  3. On the “Manage Environment” page, click “Invite Users”.
  4. On the new dialog, enter de email and select the role “Administrator”.
  5. Click “Send invitation”.
  6. The new user will receive an email for confirmation. Ask him to accept the invitation.

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  1. Lúcio José Beirão

    Hi. The sharing process occurred successfully, but my partner has problems editing the process. He can’t drop any events and tasks. Also, updates i make in the process don’t update in his version of the process. Do i have to buy something to have this resource? If so, it seems just usefulness to me to have the resource if my partner can’t at least see my editing.

    Any response will be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Wallace Wallace

      Hi, maybe the process was published and now you can not modify it. In this case you have to generate a new version.

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