How to configure process authorization

HEFLO allows you to set detailed user profile permissions. Learn more about profiles: Access profiles, invite users, and change profiles.

Access Environment Management and click ‘Manage access profiles’ on the ‘Role list’ area.

Then, in the opened page, click to edit a custom profile.

In the window that opens click on ‘Select processes’.

In the open window, in the group Editor you can set permissions for the process editor:

Edit – Allows the user to edit the process diagram.

Publish – It allows the user to publish the process automation to the portal.

Unpublish – Allows the user to cancel the publication of the process.


In the Work Items area you can set work item permissions:

View – Allows the user to only view the process work items in the workspace. If the user only has permission to view it, they can only edit the item when they have responsibility, as soon as they are no longer responsible for it, they will continue to only be able to view it, without being able to edit it.

Edit – With this option selected the user can edit the work item even if they are not responsible for it. When you select Edit , HEFLO automatically selects the View option.

Start – Allows the user to initiate new process work items through the workspace.

Forward – Allows the user to forward the work item to themselves and other users.

Cancel – Allows the user to cancel the work item even if they are not responsible for it.


In the Portal group you can define the access permissions to the Portal.

View – It allows the user with this profile, only to view the processes published in the portal.

Download – It allows the user to download the process documentation through the portal.

Attachments – Allows the user to view and download attachments imported by the publisher in the process or in tasks.

Example of portal attachments.

Comments – It allows the user to record comments and feedbacks for improvements or corrections in the processes through the portal.


Important: Only custom profiles can have their permissions altered.

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