List of work items initiated by department in the Portal

In the portal, HEFLO now gives the possibility to see work items that have been initiated by a person who is part of the same department as the logged in user.

  1. Go to the “Portal”.
  2. Click on “My Requests”.
  3. You will find the list of work items initiated by yourself or by a user who is part of your department if your user role is configured with this option. Otherwise the logged in user will only see the work items he initiated.
  4. You will find information about the “requester” of the work item, in addition to the standard information available in this screen.

How do I give access to this feature to a specific role?

A new option is available when assigning features per process. This option allows the user to see all work items in the portal that were initiated by a user who is part of the same department.

Warning: The native roles: Administrator, User and Portal only do not have this function activated and these roles cannot be modified. If you wish to activate this functionality for a user configured with one of these roles, you will then have to create a new role, and associate it in addition to the native role already associated with the user concerned.

To learn more about how to create or update a user role: Roles on HEFLO.

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