How to share my process

There are several ways to share a diagram you have created on HEFLO.

Share my business process for edition

In this case, you can send an invitation to a person using the role “Administrador”. So, the person will be able to access the process on the process editor and edit everything. Read How to share a process for edition.

Share an image of my process

You can send an image by email using these steps:

  1. On the process editor at the right side, click on the actions tab.
  2. On the actions tab, click “Download image”.
  3. On the download dialog, click “Mail Process Picture”.
  4. Enter the recipients and a message.
  5. Click “Send” to send the image by email.

Also, it’s possible to download the image to send it using your personal mailbox. Follow these steps to do it.

Publish and receive feedback via portal

HEFLO offers a professional feature named “Portal” that you can use to publish the process on a web application and collect feedback from users.

The best way to learn about this feature is to run the Tour available on the main menu.

  1. Open the main menu at the top left side.
  2. Click “Tours”.
  3. Click “Portal” and follow all steps of this tour.

Here is how to start the Tour:

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