How to configure validation

HEFLO allows you to set up validations for task form fields to ensure that the information you input follows the required business rules.

Validations are executed as soon as the user attempts to advance a work item task.

To configure the validations, select the task output flow in the form and under properties click on ‘validation’.

In the window that opens, click on ‘add rule’.

Then select or create a new business rule for validation.

Learn more about creating business rules: Introduction to Business Rules

Then click on confirm in the ‘Configure a Business Rule’ window.

In the ‘Validation’ window, for the ‘text’ field, enter the message that will be displayed to the user when that rule is triggered. You can add dynamic content in this field.


In the field ‘type’ define what the format of control will be:

ERROR‘, the user can only advance the task when correcting the error indicated in the validation.

NOTICE‘, the user can only advance after selecting the accepted acceptance check.


INFORMATION‘, the user can advance the task normally but a warning message will appear before.


After setting the configurations, do some tests in the editor to validate the behavior, see more at How to perform process automation tests.

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