How to create a business process

Creating a business process on HEFLO is easy, and you can do everything without software installation. All you need is a web browser and Internet connectivity.

  1. Go to the Home page.
  2. Click “Create new Process”.
  3. On the dialog “New Diagram”, enter the process name and click “OK”.
  4. On the process editor, use the elements of BPMN at the left side to create your diagram.
  5. At the right side of the process editor, use the properties tab to edit elements data.
  6. Click on the cloud icon at the top side to save your diagram. This step may be not necessary because there is an auto-save feature.


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  1. Danny Edwards

    How do i select multiple shapes so I can move them altogether. 90% of the time when i try I move the entire canvas or zoom. Only a few times I’m able to select the shapes and I don’t know what I’md different…

    1. Peterson Peterson

      Hello there!
      To use the Selection Box, click on a empty spot of your diagram, hold the click for a moment and then drag. It is necessary to hold your mouse pointer for a moment before dragging, otherwise you’ll just move the diagram.
      If you have any further questions you can comment here or foward an e-mail to

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