BPMN Tasks

Task (generic)

It represents the work done in the process. You may have associated a form for data entry.

User task

It represents the work performed by a user of a system connected to the workflow engine. Example: Registering employees.

Manual task

It represents a task performed by a person who doesn’t use a workflow system. Example: Serving coffee.

Message sending task

Sends a message to another pool or process and automatically advances to the next task, which is typically a receiving task or an intermediate message capture event.

Message receiving task

Waits for a message from another pool or process. It’s usually positioned after a message sending task or an intermediate message sending event.

Service task

Performs a web service and is used to implement integrations with information systems.

Business rule task

It triggers a business rule that returns a value for comparison. It can be accomplished through a web service call.

Script task

Performs a sequence of commands using the process engine itself. It can be used, for example, to run a Powershell script.


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