BPMN Gateways


This type of gateway causes the flow to be diverted on only one of the output paths.


This type of gateway causes the flow to deviate from one or more output flows, depending on a decision or formula.


This type of gateway causes a process split in multiple flows in parallel, regardless of any formula or condition.

All flows must be finalized in another gateway, preferably of the Parallel type, so that the tokens are synchronized. One of the few exceptions to this rule is the simple finisher, which has no trigger or action defined.

Exclusive Start

Did you know that you can initiate a process through a Gateway? The Exclusive Start Gateway defines several start-up possibilities and is very similar to the multiple initiator, with the advantage of visualization of all possible child events.

Parallel Start

Corresponds to the parallel starter, where all subsequent events must necessarily occur so that the process can be started.


In this case the gateway “waits” until at least one of the intermediate events of the output flows are triggered.


This type of gateway is rarely used and serves to represent complex situations regarding splitting and synchronization.


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