Aggregate function in list widget

HEFLO gives you the possibility to add aggregation functions in the list type widget for type fields: number, currency and calculated field.

  1. Go to the page that contains the widget, or the page where you want to create this widget.
  2. Switch to edit mode.
  3. If the widget does not yet exist, then add a widget of type: “List”.
  4. Edit the widget.
  5. If your data source contains fields of type: number, currency and calculated field, and you choose one of these fields for one of your columns. HEFLO then gives the possibility to use one of these aggregation functions: average, count, max, min and sum.
  6. Choose the desired aggregation function and confirm the widget configuration.
  7. The result of the chosen aggregation function appears at the bottom of the column of the field concerned.
  8. If you hover your mouse over the ∑ symbol, then you will also find the result of the aggregation function.

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