Release March 2019

Improvement: Change of the name of the diagram « Value Chain » to « Process Landscape ». Improvement: Process Landscape diagram improvements: new element to display images, rotation of elements, action to show the documentation of an element. Improvement: New main menu and toolbar. Fixes: Business Rule fixes, performance improvements, and several other bugs.

Release November 2018

Addition: New pages in the portal to start and consult process instances. Improvement: BPMN import and export. Improvement: Import data from people and departments. Improvement: Inclusion of the pool documentation in the PDF exportation. Improvement: Menu for BPMN element alignment. Fix: Business Rule fixes, performance improvements, and several other bugs.

Release July 2018

ADD: Authorization for process editing and execution. See How to configure process authorization. ADD: Validation of work items. See How to configure validation. IMPROVEMENT: We added a new feature to generate attachments on emails based on templates. See Creating e-mail templates.

Release April 2018

ADD: It is now possible to use standard licenses in multiple environments and create a pool for shared/concurrent licenses. ADD: Start product trial. ADD: Rule Initiator options for generating processes from registers. IMPROVEMENT: New appearance properties, which allow you to change color and font characteristics. FIX: Correction of 15 bugs.

Release February 2018

ADD: Value chain diagrams in the process portal. (Exclusive professional plan) ADD: Collaboration tab for process editing. (Exclusive Professional plan) IMPROVEMENT: New help materials tab within the process editor, with easy access to knowledge base, and Youtube videos. IMPROVEMENT: Inclusion of document links in the documentation available on the Portal. FIX: […]

Release December 2017

ADDITION: Control of process and task deadlines. Possibility of creating triggers according to the progress of deadlines. Read Deadlines of processes and tasks. ADDITION: Automation of ad-hoc sub-processes. Allows you to create on-demand and unplanned tasks within an instance of a process. Read Ad-hoc Subprocesses. ADDITION: Value Chain diagramming. It’s a special […]

Release November 2017

IMPROVEMENT: Show in the sidebar of the instance dialog only « tokens » that have manual activity. IMPROVEMENT: Corrections in the filter of the workspace (automation). Also, the addition of the initial user field / requester. IMPROVEMENT: Exporting data from the widget of type listing (management dashboards). IMPROVEMENT: Option for fields of […]

Release August 2017

NEW: HEFLO affiliate program. If you have a blog, Youtube channel or a contact list, you can now be rewarded for referring HEFLO. By joining our affiliate program, you will receive a special link, and for all those who create a HEFLO account from this link and become customers, you […]

Release July 2017

IMPROVEMENT: New field type File, which allows you to include a file upload control in a form. IMPROVEMENT: New type of External Data Source field, which allows the selection of items fed by a web service. Using this field you can, for example, create a combo box that contains items stored […]