Release June 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Creation of customized registers to keep specific data of automation implementations. In this case, it would be possible, for example, to create registers of “psychographic profiles” and use this data for selection in a field of a form in the process of hiring employees. To create a custom register just insert a Widget of “Records” on a page.
  • IMPROVEMENT: New type of “Records Lists” field, which allows you to store a series of records arranged in columns in a work item. In this way it would be possible, for example, to create a field for a list of items in a purchasing process.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Creation of access profiles to control authorization of pages. Until then there were only two access profiles: Administrator and User. The first granted full access and the second granted all pages except the Process Editor. From now on, you can create profiles by limiting access to a custom set of pages. To create a profile, go to the Manage Environment page.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change from “Project” to “Environment”. This change occurred because the old name created confusion and led our users to make mistaken decisions about the design and organization of processes. All storage and management features have been maintained.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change the layout of the editor toolbar including an automation enable and disable button. The “Take a photo” button has been transferred to the actions tab.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Display recipients of emails in the conversation tab.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Connection between Call Activity processes and Process Message connector depending on the last version of a process.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We’ve improved the invite user dialog. It became simpler and easier to relate to several people.
  • FIX: Correction of  22  other bugs.

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