Release November 2018

Addition: New pages in the portal to start and consult process instances. Improvement: BPMN import and export. Improvement: Import data from people and departments. Improvement: Inclusion of the pool documentation in the PDF exportation. Improvement: Menu for BPMN element alignment. Fix: Business Rule fixes, performance improvements, and several other bugs.

Release July 2018

ADD: Authorization for process editing and execution. See How to configure process authorization. ADD: Validation of work items. See How to configure validation. IMPROVEMENT: We added a new feature to generate attachments on emails based on templates. See Creating e-mail templates.

Release April 2018

ADD: It is now possible to use standard licenses in multiple environments and create a pool for shared/concurrent licenses. ADD: Start product trial. ADD: Rule Initiator options for generating processes from registers. IMPROVEMENT: New appearance properties, which allow you to change color and font characteristics. FIX: Correction of 15 bugs.

Release February 2018

ADD: Value chain diagrams in the process portal. (Exclusive professional plan) ADD: Collaboration tab for process editing. (Exclusive Professional plan) IMPROVEMENT: New help materials tab within the process editor, with easy access to knowledge base, and Youtube videos. IMPROVEMENT: Inclusion of document links in the documentation available on the Portal. FIX: […]

Release December 2017

ADDITION: Control of process and task deadlines. Possibility of creating triggers according to the progress of deadlines. Read Deadlines of processes and tasks. ADDITION: Automation of ad-hoc sub-processes. Allows you to create on-demand and unplanned tasks within an instance of a process. Read Ad-hoc Subprocesses. ADDITION: Value Chain diagramming. It’s a special […]

Release November 2017

IMPROVEMENT: Show in the sidebar of the instance dialog only “tokens” that have manual activity. IMPROVEMENT: Corrections in the filter of the workspace (automation). Also, the addition of the initial user field / requester. IMPROVEMENT: Exporting data from the widget of type listing (management dashboards). IMPROVEMENT: Option for fields of […]

Release August 2017

NEW: HEFLO affiliate program. If you have a blog, Youtube channel or a contact list, you can now be rewarded for referring HEFLO. By joining our affiliate program, you will receive a special link, and for all those who create a HEFLO account from this link and become customers, you […]

Release July 2017

IMPROVEMENT: New field type File, which allows you to include a file upload control in a form. IMPROVEMENT: New type of External Data Source field, which allows the selection of items fed by a web service. Using this field you can, for example, create a combo box that contains items stored […]

Release June 2017

IMPROVEMENT: Creation of customized registers to keep specific data of automation implementations. In this case, it would be possible, for example, to create registers of “psychographic profiles” and use this data for selection in a field of a form in the process of hiring employees. To create a custom register […]