Work items list in responsive mode (Mobile)

With HEFLO you no longer have to worry about being in front of a computer to be able to carry out your activities, or even manage your team. Through its responsive design, HEFLO allows you to still have a great experience using your mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, […]

Authorization to edit a single process

HEFLO allows you, the administrator, to create access profiles for your employees controlling in detail what each one can perform or visualize. Creating custom profiles To do this, click on the Project selector and then on “Manage environment”.   Scroll down the page to the “Role List” area, click ‘Manage […]


HEFLO allows you to create groups that work as shared boxes, meaning that everyone involved sees the shared work items and can take responsibility. You can also configure this group to be the performer (person responsible) of a task or process lane. Creating groups in Workspace It’s necessary to have […]

How to start a process by TypeForm

HEFLO allows you to create various integrations with other applications. In this article we’re going to show you how to generate work items in HEFLO through integration with Typeform and with Zapier as an intermediary. What is Typeform? Typeform is a tool for creating forms for online searches. What is […]

How to create a Slash Command to start processes

HEFLO allows you to integrate its platform with other applications. In this article we’re going to show you how to open work items through a Slash Command in Slack. For this we’ll use a simple demonstration support process. Adapting processes Add the “Message” initiator event, located in the BPMN toolbox […]

How to send emails manually

One of the most valuable functions that process automation gives us is to have all information about a demand stored in a single place, to facilitate the recovery of all actions and conversations. With that in mind, HEFLO enables you to manually email the work item so that all message […]

Work item dialog

A work item is an instance of an automated process in HEFLO. It’s available on the Workspace page, which maintains a list of tasks under the responsibility of the logged on user. To access the Workspace page simply use the side menu as shown below: See more about Workspace and […]

Viewing comments and emails

HEFLO enables all conversations related to a work item to be kept with the item itself to facilitate future traceability. Adding comments To add a comment click on the work item’s “Conversations” tab and enter the message.   After entering the comment click on the “Send Message” icon to save […]

Attaching files to Work items

HEFLO allows you to store a work item file, which may or may not be required for further processing. Attaching files via the Files tab To add files at any time to the work item click the “Files” tab and add by clicking on “Drop files or click to upload”, […]

Work Items and Task Lists

The work item list page is the interface used daily by the people who will perform the tasks in a business process. In it people will find all the jobs that are pending in their queue or, depending on the filter, they can recover the jobs that are already finished, suspended […]