How to configure work item validation

You can check the validity of the information filled in the form fields through the validation feature. Validations are executed as soon as the user attempts to advance a work item task. To configure the validations, select the task output flow in the form and in properties click on ‘validation’. […]

Creating email templates and attachments

You can create a message template, which will be sent as an email, and you can add attachments to this email, with a .pdf extension. Select your intermediate message event with launch behavior, or end message. Go to the properties tab. In the execution section, choose the “Mail” connector. In […]

Configure process authorization

HEFLO allows you to set detailed user role permissions. You can then choose the pages accessible in HEFLO, and the possible actions on a selection or all the processes. To learn more about user roles and how to create them: To learn more about roles and how to create them: […]

Process Owner Functions

The owner is responsible for the process and has an authoritative role over some actions of other users. To set an owner, you need to access the process and click on properties on the right side, then set the user in the ‘Owner’ field. Publication of the Process in the […]

BPMN Subprocesses and containers

Subprocess A Subprocess hides details of a process and provides an abstraction for the main process. Within the subprocess there must be an initiator (only 1) and a finalizer, and a sequence of tasks and gateways. Call Activity A Call activity is the inclusion of another process in the diagrammed […]

BPMN Gateways

Exclusive This type of gateway causes the flow to be diverted on only one of the output paths. Inclusive This type of gateway causes the flow to deviate from one or more output flows, depending on a decision or formula. Parallel This type of gateway causes a process split in […]

BPMN Tasks

Task (generic) It represents the work done in the process. You may have associated a form for data entry. User task It represents the work performed by a user of a system connected to the workflow engine. Example: Registering employees. Manual task It represents a task performed by a person […]

BPMN Events

An event is something that “happens” during the course of a process. These events affect the flow of the process and usually have a cause or impact. Starting or ending a process, receiving a message from another process, sending a document … all can be considered Events. Events have a […]

Work items list in responsive mode (Mobile)

With HEFLO you no longer have to worry about being in front of a computer to be able to carry out your activities, or even manage your team. Through its responsive design, HEFLO allows you to still have a great experience using your mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, […]