How to connect a black box pool

A black box pool is an empty pool that represents a business process with all details hidden (there’s no activities and instances). From the toolbox at the left side on the process editor, drag and drop two pools. Select one of the pools. At the top left side of the selected pool, drag […]

How to create an environment

On HEFLO, an environment is a cloud repository of business processes. It maintains all data and settings necessary to model, configure and run business processes. At the top right side, click the environment selector (name of the current environment). On the new dialog, click “Create a new environment”. On the new environment […]

How to create a new version of a business process

The versioning feature allows the management of changes in a business process. It’s an essential feature of the BPM improvement cycle. On the process editor, open a business process. At the right side, click the Actions tab. On the Actions tab, click “Create new version”. It will generate a copy […]

How to send feedback using the Portal

Users of the Portal can send feedback about a business process by using the comments area of the online documentation. Also, the process analyst views this message on the feedback tab inside the process editor. Go to the Portal page. Find the process you want to send feedback about. On […]

How to delete a business process

You can delete a business process following these steps. Open the process on the process editor. Click on the actions icon at the right side. On the actions tab click “Remove”. On the remove dialog click “Delete Process”.   You will not be able to delete a process if: The process […]

How to add a label to a sequence flow

A label is text that helps people to understand details about the element or flow. One of the most common situations occurs when we want to add a text to an outgoing flow of a gateway. On the canvas of the process editor, select the flow. Click on the “Abc” icon. […]

How to share my process

There are several ways to share a diagram you have created on HEFLO. Share my business process for edition In this case, you can send an invitation to a person using the role “Administrador”. So, the person will be able to access the process on the process editor and edit everything. Read How […]

How to download an image of a business process diagram

After modelling your business process, you can download an image of the diagram using these few steps. On the process editor page, click the actions tab icon at the right side. On the actions tab, click “Download Image” to start the download. On the download dialog, click “Download Image”. Click “Download […]

How to import a BPMN file

HEFLO can import files on BPMN layout which is defined by OMG. Go to the Main page. Click “Import BPMN file.” On the dialog “Upload Process”, drag a file to the drop zone or click the drop zone to select a file. Confirm the file selection. On the dialog “Upload […]

How to create a business process

Creating a business process on HEFLO is easy, and you can do everything without software installation. All you need is a web browser and Internet connectivity. Go to the Home page. Click “Create new Process”. On the dialog “New Diagram”, enter the process name and click “OK”. On the process editor, use […]