Enabling business process automation

The business process automation feature allows you to control the execution of a process. HEFLO will generate all tools people need to work: forms, activities lists, approvals, etc. At the right side of the process editor, click on the Properties tab. On the properties tab, turn on the field “Executable […]

How to attach an intermediate event on a task

An intermediate boundary event triggers an exception flow on the business process. You can attach this element on a task using the following steps: On the canvas of the process editor, select a task. Click on the Chain icon on the task. On the type selector, choose the kind of […]

Saving BPMN diagrams

HEFLO is a BPM platform that saves everything on the cloud (diagrams, automation configuration, process instances etc). You don’t need to install anything, and you can access the information and diagrams from anywhere at anytime. After editing your diagram, click on the Cloud icon at the top side to save everything. Some […]

How to change the type of an element

For many elements of BPMN, it’s possible to specify a type and extend the meaning of the element. For instance, the element Task can be defined as a “User Task” or a “Manual Task”. On the canvas of the process editor, select an element. Click on the “two arrows” icon. […]