Tutorial: Attaching files to BPMN diagrams

HEFLO allows you to attach files to diagrams and it saves everything on the cloud. So, you can access your diagrams and the files from anywhere, at anytime. This video shows how to attach files to a diagram and tasks as well. You can use this feature with your free […]

Tutorial: Searching for cloud-based processes

One of the HEFLO’s main benefits is the ability to store your business processes on the Internet. We call this “cloud-based storage.” Also, you don’t need to install anything to access them. In this video, we will show how to locate these processes within HEFLO.

How to change the label of a element

A label is text that helps people to understand details about the element. On the canvas of the process editor, select the element. Double click on the current label to start the edition. Because limitations of Internet Explorer, some users will not be able to start this edition. In this case, […]

Changing your level of knowledge of BPMN

The level of knowledge filters elements on the toolbox at the left side of the process editor. On any page of HEFLO, click on your profile picture at the top right side. On the dialog, change the level of knowledge to one of the following options: beginner, intermediate or advanced. […]

How to add a lane to a pool

A lane defines who is responsible for a group of tasks of a business process. At the left side of the process editor, hover over the “Pool” icon. Drag the “Lane” element and drop it on the header of the pool. Click the name of the pool and enter the name. […]