Release December 2017

ADDITION: Control of process and task deadlines. Possibility of creating triggers according to the progress of deadlines. Read Deadlines of processes and tasks. ADDITION: Automation of ad-hoc sub-processes. Allows you to create on-demand and unplanned tasks within an instance of a process. Read Ad-hoc Subprocesses. ADDITION: Value Chain diagramming. It’s a special […]

Licenses on HEFLO

A license allows a user to access the features provided in one of the different plans contracted. There are 3 types of licenses in HEFLO: licenses for “named users”, for “concurrent users” and for “portal viewers”. In this article, we will see how to access the screen that contains the […]

Working with record lists

A property of type record list allows you to store and edit data in a spreadsheet-like format. A record list could store information such as: A list of people; A list of items for sale. this kind of property can be used in process forms or in a widget of […]

Creating forms

Forms allow users to input data to a process instance and then store this information. In the image below we can see a data input form named “Request” connect to the task “Submit Request.” Creating a form Select the task where the data input element shall be added. Click on […]

Configuring authorization for pages and processes

A role defines which pages and processes an user is authorized to access and edit. Creating a role The roles are located at the Manage Environment page and are part of the professional plan. To create a new role follow the steps: Access the Manage Environment page. Scroll down to […]

How to automate a business process

Automating a business process means making it executable. This means that people that take part on it will have tools that will guarantee its correct execution, productivity, and transparency. These are requirements to promote business process improvement. In this tutorial, we are going to introduce the most important aspects of automating […]

How to change the user language

When you create your account, HEFLO sets your language based on your web browser configuration. Then, you can change it using these steps: At the top right side of the page click on your profile. Click on “My account.” On the Profile dialog, select the language using the field “User […]

How to import a sample process

The HEFLO’s process library is a set of common business process diagrams that you can import, edit and use in your projects. On the top right side click on the main menu. Expand the Samples menu item. Click on the desired process. Click “Create from sample”. Enter the process name. […]

Tutorial: Managing environments

When working with processes, we often need to group them together. For example, a consulting firm needs to break these processes down into customers. Companies need to implement production and quality focused environments. Well, to complement this concept, HEFLO allows users access to a cloud-based database in which they may […]