Release March 2019

Improvement: Change of the name of the diagram “Value Chain” to “Process Landscape”. Improvement: Process Landscape diagram improvements: new element to display images, rotation of elements, action to show the documentation of an element. Improvement: New main menu and toolbar. Fixes: Business Rule fixes, performance improvements, and several other bugs.

Release November 2018

Addition: New pages in the portal to start and consult process instances. Improvement: BPMN import and export. Improvement: Import data from people and departments. Improvement: Inclusion of the pool documentation in the PDF exportation. Improvement: Menu for BPMN element alignment. Fix: Business Rule fixes, performance improvements, and several other bugs.

Release April 2018

ADD: It is now possible to use standard licenses in multiple environments and create a pool for shared/concurrent licenses. ADD: Start product trial. ADD: Rule Initiator options for generating processes from registers. IMPROVEMENT: New appearance properties, which allow you to change color and font characteristics. FIX: Correction of 15 bugs.

How to use intermediate timers

You can have a process with an automatically escalated activity using Intermediate Timer events. Step 1 – Including an intermediate timer Before including the intermediate timer, make sure the process has the automation feature activated. So, go to the properties tab and activate the switch “Automated Process”. For demonstration purposes, we […]

Value Chain diagrams

A Value Chain diagram can be used to decompose processes and its relationships, with the possibility of describing the delivery of value to the customer. You can see below an example of a Value Chain diagram: It can also be used to create a first level process map, providing an […]