Get invoices for a HEFLO subscription

Subscription directly through HEFLO This case applies if you have taken out a HEFLO subscription using the red cart icon: In this case, the user who made the purchase can retrieve the invoices concerning the subscription: You must access the “Subscriptions” page in the “Manage Environment” section. Click on this […]

Automatically send information to users who run a process

There are several functionalities to transmit information to users who act in the execution of processes. Automatically send personalized emails You can automatically send pre-configured messages to your users to send them information adapted to your needs. It is advisable to use this method for the transmission of important information […]

Allow to cancel a work item

You can give users who run a work item the ability to cancel it. Users with an administrator role can cancel work items from each process. This action is not allowed for those who have a user role. You can then create a specific role to authorize work item cancellation for […]

Connection logs

You can view the connection logs of users in your environment. Go to the section: “Manage environment”. Click on: “Users and Authorization”. Go to the tab: “User sessions”. Click on this icon: Select the dates of the logs you want to see. Select the user concerned. If you don’t choose […]

Add multiple forms to a process task

It is possible to add multiple forms to a specific task in your process, copy them for reuse in other tasks in your process, and even improve their layout to make it easier to complete work items. We will see how to make these configurations in this article. Create multiple […]