Favorite work items in the task list

You can favorite work items to make it easier your search in the task list. Go to the “workspace” and to the “task list”. Select an existing work item. Click the star at the top left of the work item to bookmark it. For information: The work item must have […]

Force reset password

You can set a maximum number of days for the password validity of users in your environment. The purpose of this feature is to force users who have access to your environment to reset their password according to a frequency defined by the administrators of the environment concerned. Go to […]

Block a user’s access to your environment

You can now block access to your environment for a specific user. The user concerned will then be able to enter the other environments to which he has access, without being able to access yours. Go to the menu and to the “Manage environment” section. Go to the “Users and […]

Update a record by running a process

You can create a BPMN process to update the various records created in HEFLO. Your users will then be able to perform this process to add data, or edit existing data in your data records. This feature allows you to give your users the ability to update or create data […]