How to delete a process version

If you need to revert modifications on a process, you can delete the last version of this process. On the process editor, open the version you want to remove. At the right side, click the Actions tab. On the Actions tab, click “Remove.” On the Delete Process dialog, click “Delete current process […]

How to change the logo

The logo is an attribute of the environment, and you can change it on the page “Manage Environment”. Go to the page “Manage Environment.” On the environment management page, click on the circular drop zone at the top right side. Select a file and confirm. If the environment has an active subscription […]

How to publish a business process on the Portal

HEFLO enables process analysts the ability to publish and share BPMN process documentation on a collaborative portal. This portal will then give the possibility to other users of the environment to access the documentation of the published process. In addition to this feature, the portal allows users to interact to […]